How Intelligent document capture can improve your business

Automating your document processing can certainly save you time. A modern intelligent document capture platform can revolutionize your business and build a capable foundation for future growth.

Intelligent document capture

Intelligent Document Capture

Intelligent document capture is the process by which data is extracted from documents and converted to a digital format. Prior to the creation of intelligent document processing technology, businesses had to manually enter data into their systems. 

While the traditional method may work fine for small businesses, it proved troublesome for large organizations with complex document processing needs. 

Manual document processing is extremely time-consuming and can result in human error, which is why many businesses now use Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions as a more efficient alternative to traditional document capture and management.

If you’re considering implementing a document capture solution, it’s important to outline your specific needs. For example, how many documents do you typically manage on a daily basis? How long does it take you to get through each document by hand, and how much time are you hoping to save with an automated solution? 

Gartner provides resources to help businesses to compare solutions, and find the software that’s right for your unique business needs. Gartner research tools can serve as a great starting point for learning more about these types of intelligent document processing solutions and what each provider brings to the table.

Rossum is at the forefront of intelligent document capture, with a document processing solution that allows users to minimize manual tasks. With Rossum, you can manage an integrated document management process from a single, centralized platform rather than having to pull data from multiple, disconnected systems. 

Intelligent document capture makes it easy to stay on top of document processing, and to efficiently get items where they need to be. With an intelligent document processing solution like Rossum, you can be well on your way to ditching paper-based, manual processes for good, freeing your teams up to focus on other aspects of your business.

Intelligent Document Processing benefits

There is a wide range of benefits to intelligent document processing benefits. One of the greatest advantages of processing documents digitally is that it can save you time. Instead of sorting through each document by hand and wasting valuable time on manual data entry, you can automate the process. This can enable you to get through more documents in a shorter period of time. 

Intelligent processing also reduces errors. When processing documents by hand, it can be all too easy to overlook small (but critical) details. Intelligent document processing software is designed to catch errors that are easily missed by the naked eye.

Intelligent document capture is also useful when dealing with PDFs. Intelligent document processing tools extract data from PDFs and convert it to an editable format. Businesses that regularly receive large volumes of PDFs for processing might consider a document processing solution to get through their workloads more efficiently

Manually entering data from PDFs can cost time and money, since many PDFs are not digitally searchable. But by processing PDFs with an intelligent document processing PDF tool, you can increase productivity and achieve greater accuracy. Intelligent document processing solutions take the stress out of document processing, allowing users to do more with their time.

Intelligent Document Processing vendors

Intelligent document processing vendors provide the tools and software for other companies to manage their documents more effectively. Searching for the top intelligent document processing vendors can give you a better idea of what solutions are out there — and what each platform has to offer. 

Zebra intelligent document capture is one such solution. Zebra is popular for its quick, easy image capturing OCR technology. Still, it’s important to find the approach to intelligent document capture that meets your own unique business needs. 

If you’re a small business, it may be the most cost-effective to choose a simple solution like Zebra. On the other hand, if you’re a large organization that regularly processes large numbers of documents, you might require a more advanced solution. 

Rossum can help meet the needs of a variety of businesses and allows users to integrate with ERP providers, RPA systems, and more. With Rossum, you can intake documents from different formats and channels, and you can filter irrelevant documents to optimize your workflow. Working with a platform like Rossum helps you to get more out of your document management process for increased efficiency.

Intelligent process automation

By leveraging intelligent process automation technology, you can simplify your workflow and relieve your teams of the burden of manual document processing. While the main purpose of intelligent process automation is to process documents quickly, it offers a wide range of other benefits. 

The most intelligent document capture tools have added security advantages — they can help you to detect fraud and alert users to any suspicious activity in the system. Others are extremely helpful for auditing purposes. The most sophisticated tools on the market are capable of all of the above — and much more. 

The growing availability of IPA technology means that no matter your specific business needs, you can find something to aid in your document processing workflow. Whether you’re a small business looking for an affordable, easy-to-use solution, or a large organization that requires a robust software suite, it’s important to do your research to determine the most appropriate platform for your document processing workflow. 

It can also be helpful to chat with vendors and business partners, to see which document capture tools they prefer. This is especially important for accounts payable (AP) teams, as timely payments result in better business relationships, and intelligent process automation tools help companies manage invoices and pay their bills on time.

OCR scanner

OCR, or optical character recognition, is a technology that scans documents and converts typed, printed, or handwritten text into machine-encoded text. There are two main types of OCR: template-based and cognitive

  • Template-based OCR relies on human-defined rules, while cognitive OCR leverages AI to automatically learn those rules on its own. Template-based document OCR involves little to no automation and is generally expensive to maintain due to the fact that users have to continually update the rules for new documents.
  • Cognitive OCR might be the better option for those wanting to simplify their document scanning process and save time. This is one of the most efficient ways to copy text from images, with semi-structured and unstructured data capabilities.

When looking for an OCR scanner, pay particular attention to what types of scanning it does and whether it uses template-based or cognitive technology. Template-based models may work for small businesses that regularly scan the same kinds of documents. 

Cognitive scanners, by contrast, are ideal for companies that want to be able to quickly scan multiple types of documents without having to manually adjust the system on an ongoing basis.

OCR software

OCR software has transformed the way in which businesses scan documents. Now, instead of having to process each item by hand, your business can process hundreds of documents with an  intelligent document capture solution, for near-instant results. 

OCR technology allows businesses to get through more documents than they would be able to process by hand, saving time and increasing workflow efficiency. 

OCR software isn’t just faster — it is also more accurate than manual documentation. When processing hundreds of documents by hand, it can be easy to make mistakes. Intelligent document capture helps to eliminate these errors with machine learning that improves over time. Rossum’s automated solution can process items through the pipeline at over 98% accuracy. 

OCR tools are especially helpful for your business’s accounts payable (AP) department. They can scan and process invoices, allowing AP teams to quickly and efficiently pay their vendors. Making regular payments is critical to fostering business relationships, but the process can be difficult to keep up with — fortunately, intelligent document capture is here to help. 

With intelligent document capture solutions like Rossum, you can take a comprehensive approach to document scanning, accessing helpful insights to achieve even greater results over time. You can also identify bottlenecks in your workflow, continually check for accuracy, and protect the security of your data processing. This can not only improve your document management process but your business operations as a whole.

Intelligent document capture powered by AI

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