Zero In On Accounting Automation

What’s the cost of doing nothing? Your business becomes irrelevant. Your competitors leave you standing. You’re done.

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Zero in on accounting automation

The best AP automation solutions do represent an investment for accounts payable departments. But, the cost of doing nothing is significant. Postponing investment in automation means your business will face hidden costs related to productivity, efficiency, labor, and security.

Our eBook explores the true cost of doing nothing. Of persevering with manual document processing in accounts payable. It highlights the benefits of accounting automation, questions to ask an IDP vendor in your RFP, and the impact of doing nothing. Our goal is to help you devise an action plan for your business’ prospective AP automation strategy.

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Where we are today

Today’s consumers are technology led. They expect companies to meet their expectations of digital transformation. To personalize and provide the best customer experience.

CFOs considering automating the accounts payable process are wise to balance the cost of investing in new technology. Because ignoring consumer requirements, means they’ll lose out to competitors who are already driving automation.

76% of consumers will stop using a brand after one bad customer experience.

Maintaining the status quo because your manual AP workflow meets your goals, puts your business in jeopardy. The cost of doing nothing will in the end eclipse the cost of automation.

Future-proof your business with end-to-end automation flows across accounts payable processes, to eliminate manual tasks, optimize resources, and increase efficiency.

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The cost of doing nothing

Businesses have no choice. Sticking with manual data entry while the volume of documents their AP team has to deal with increases is not sustainable. Add an unstable economy and fluctuating markets to the mix, and disaster looms.

The direct and indirect costs of manual, paper-based invoice processing amounts to $2.7 trillion for global businesses.
2018 Goldman Sachs report

If you don’t invest in your business, it will become irrelevant. As your competitors overtake you and customer trust in your brand diminishes.

Automating your document processing will not only solve operational pain points, it’ll also increase security, drive innovation and productivity, and deliver a better customer experience. Businesses across all industries should future-proof themselves against future economic uncertainty and make automation a part of their strategy.

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6 benefits of accounting automation

Highly accurate data extraction with best AI OCR software technology

Accurate data capture

Extract data accurately from your accounts payable documents - even when layouts change - and avoid late payment penalties.

faster validation

Increased productivity

Automate manual tasks and reduce clicks per invoice to free up your AP team to focus on high-risk areas, new business models, and complex transactions.

resilient data capture

Streamlined approvals

Create business rules for invoice routing to speed up the approval process. Pay bills faster and take advantage of early payment discounts.


Robust data security

Drop spreadsheets that lack preventive controls and increase the risk of cyber attacks, in favor of a cloud-based single source of truth.

embedded analytics

Real-time insights & analysis

Unify data to identify trends, exceptions and insights to drive agile decision making. Build reports & dashboards without having to rely on IT.

family support

Reduced employee churn

Too much repetitive work and too few hands leads to a high turnover of staff. Automate tedious tasks leaving your team to work on vendor relations.

Best-in-class accounting automation loved by customers

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This is not about replacing your team with robots. It’s about helping your team do more with less. It’s about improving their working environment. Businesses that adopt automation and galvanize their employees will secure the competitive edge.

Over time, more businesses will increase automation across the board as they recognize the need to implement more advanced technology to deliver the desired results

Businesses investing in a long-term automation strategy will ultimately be the strongest and most competitive, as they’ll manage peaks and troughs in demand, and labor and skills shortages. Automation will give them the flexibility to adapt immediately to changing conditions and customer demands.

Our eBook explains the many benefits of accounting automation, questions to ask an IDP vendor in your RFP, and what will happen if you do nothing. 

Freeing up your human workforce and streamlining your AP processes will increase efficiency, productivity, and improve your company culture. Let us help you draw up an action plan for your accounting automation strategy.

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