Xolo relies on Rossum

Xolo.io is the leading freelancer cloud platform, based in Estonia and serving an EU customer base, that provides an innovative legal and finance framework to freelancers and handles all their administrative overhead such as accounting. It processed 700M worth of transactions to date with over 50,000 users signed up.

The Challenge

As the cloud service is rapidly growing, so was the load on their internal “digitizer” personnel that process all expenses submitted by the platform users. The digitization team found it hard to keep scaling their headcount and Xolo’s co-founder set out to find a technology solution.

The Solution

Rossum improved the data capture process straight away when hitting production. The standard process of automatic agile improvements means that Xolo can observe rapid effort saving increases month by month since then.

The Benefit

The easy invoices are already processed fully automatically while Xolo never lifted a finger configuring a single layout. The team’s headcount remains stable despite the platform growth and Xolo’s “digitizers” fully embraced Rossum’s model of perfect human-AI synergy.

Xolo relies on Rossum

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