Rohlik relies on Rossum

Rohlik is a Central European multinational hypergrowth scale-up that serves as an online supermarket with same-day <2-hour groceries delivery.

The Challenge

To serve well over 200,000 customers, Rohlik buys groceries wholesale and operates its own fleet of hundreds of delivery vans. This presents their Accounts Payable department with a significant volume of documents to post. And as a company in hypergrowth, the accounting team needs to cope even as volumes skyrocket.

The Solution

Rossum is processing all incoming invoices of Rohlik, coming in both as scans or digitally. Rohlik’s data entry team is working in Rossum’s user interface and takes advantage of the tight integration of Rossum with the Abra target ERP. All tasks related to vendor matching and GL coding are done directly in Rossum and the team does not waste time revisiting the document in the ERP system.

The Benefit

Rossum processes invoices for Rohlik since 2017. The company reported EUR 100M turnover in 2019 and projects 80% growth in 2020. However, Rossum’s solution improved at a similar pace. We allowed the company to keep its financial department lean and flexible across the three years of using Rossum, with its AP team staying at its original headcount despite the massive company growth.

Rohlik relies on Rossum

“I would like to advise entrepreneurs not to be scared and to use automation technology. It is worth it.”
Tomas Cupr, CEO, Rohlik

The Vision

The company has been one of Rossum’s earliest design partners. Rossum already helped Rohlik through a smooth upgrade to a new ERP system and the business is now going to continue relying on Rossum in its aggressive multinational scale up. Rossum’s planned launch of new EDI capabilities will be one essential piece in this plan.

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