Portpro relies on Rossum

PortPro is a startup that provides an intuitive transportation management system for container drayage carriers, in the form of a web-based solution.

The Challenge

Container drayage carriers using PortPro build their process around information on Delivery Order documents. They are tedious and error-prone to process manually as each order looks different, contains many complex identifiers and can list many entities/containers.

The Solution

Rossum delivers an AI engine to identify critical fields, present its validation user interface seamlessly integrated in PortPro’s web platform using Rossum’s embedded UI feature and self-learn quickly from end customer feedback.

The Benefit

End customers find PortPro solving one of their main pain points, quickly mapping Delivery Orders to key data fields and thus removing the friction from their container tracking which would normally involve a massive amount of typing over tracking numbers.

Portpro relies on Rossum

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