Morton Salt relies on Rossum

The Chicago-based Morton Salt is North America's leading producer and marketer of salt for both food and chemical purposes. Morton Salt is now part of a large multinational mining & chemical conglomerate K+S headquartered in Kassel, Germany.

The Challenge

As a major industrial supplier, the company’s data entry team has 7 specialists focusing on the steady stream of purchase orders from a variety of trading and manufacturing customers, each document in its unique format as set by the particular business partner. The materials POs typically feature long and complex line item tables that are insurmountable for traditional template OCR – the original process meant mostly manual data entry just with a light support from a templating solution.

The Solution

Rossum provided a highly accurate dedicated AI engine trained specifically on Morton Salt’s purchase orders, built and continuously adapting purely by human data validation.

Rossum is integrated with Morton Salt’s ERP by the Invoke Inc. business automation consultancy using the BluePrism RPA platform. Rossum entered production usage in one month after the solution purchase. Coverage of all the special cases in the integration proved to be an extensive project, but thanks to Rossum’s agile onboarding approach, this work did not block Morton Salt from already taking advantage of Rossum for majority of documents in its production process.

The Benefit

Morton Salt’s customer service representatives love the easy and fast user interface that they were able to use immediately without any special training. The initial AI training took just a few hundreds of purchase orders.

Morton Salt relies on Rossum

“We’ve done a good job of getting a very high percent of our documents through the solution quite quickly. It remembers everything, that's fantastic!”
Amy Rybicki, Business Processes Improvements Manager, Morton Salt

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