Delcourt Rail relies on Rossum

Delcourt Rail is a French SME company based in Mennecy that specializes in the construction, renewal and maintenance of railway tracks.

The Challenge

Delcourt Rail was looking for a way to streamline its Accounts Payable operations. The company urgently needed to bring more automation to invoice-related processes, a major time hog for the team. The company needed a solution that could smoothly integrate to its proprietary backend system.

The Solution

Rossum’s solution is able to process all received invoices for Delcourt Rail (almost all in French) and connects with their custom ERP software using a tailor-made bridge based on Rossum’s public API. The company can now focus on financial controlling itself rather than getting distracted by administrative tasks around data entry.

The Benefit

Delcourt Rail has 5 people using Rossum in their department. Since their employees started using Rossum, they report saving 15 minutes of processing time per bill. Delcourt Rail’s vision is a fully digitized financial department. Rossum helped the company to make a major step towards that with the streamlining of its accounts payable workflow.

Delcourt Rail relies on Rossum

“Rossum has dramatically improved our work processes. We have fully digitalized the entire financial department.”
Julien Delcourt, Financial Consultant

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