COSCO SHIPPING is a Shanghai-based multinational transportation service and real estate conglomerate. The group's core businesses are marine transportation and stevedoring. COSCO SHIPPING's fleet is now among the largest in the world.

The Challenge

The Cosco Shipping CE Accounts Payable team is processing complex shipping invoices from cargo operators as part of its intermodal freight service. The operation has been impacted hard by the spring 2020 lockdowns and scrambled to restore work in a remote setting. In addition, Cosco wished to make their manual data-entry process more efficient in order to meet the demand of the increased amount of documents without hiring additional FTEs.

The Solution

Rossum worked with Cosco Shipping even before the pandemic started but their internal Rossum integration with Microsoft Flow was finalized in just the right moment to save the day in mid-March.

Dedicated AI engine trainings have helped to further improve accuracy and efficiency of the AP team who processes header and custom fields through Rossum.

The Benefit

New fully digital data capture process based on Rossum enabled the team of 7 to work remotely, previously unimaginable due to their old heavily paper-based process. The initial goal of making a data-entry process more efficient and less manual has been met and total accuracy has exceeded 95%.

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“All our invoices are going through Rossum; I can’t imagine our paperless AP process functioning without it.”
Michal Cipa, Information Technology Administrator at COSCO SHIPPING Lines

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