How SprintSuite solidifies its position at the forefront of innovation with Rossum’s help


The challenge

SprintSuite is an Australian software company providing tailored field services, project and workshop management solutions for maintenance and engineering-intensive industries.

The integrated platform covers various flexible project, job, people, and asset management features, including AP, procurement, safety and compliance, and more. 

To address the evergrowing volume of tasks and documents for its clients, the team was looking to automate the flow of documents and speed up document processing, focusing on eliminating manual tasks that struggle to scale, such as data entry. Additionally, it was becoming increasingly difficult to secure skilled labor for the Accounts Payable function.

The verification of the supplier invoices has a few steps. The received invoice from a supplier needs to be verified against the purchase order, so the team was looking for a solution that can work in concert with SprintSuite software to automate the data extraction, verify purchase orders against the bills received, and flag the actions in case the data discrepancy is found. 

The solution

Rossum was brought in to integrate with SprintSuite’s proprietary software and cater to the needs of Sprintsuite’s clients and their AP teams specifically.

The AP workflow starts with the purchase order (PO), which is handled and created within SprintSuite’s facility. Once the PO is issued, SprintSuite’s system automatically sends it out to the supplier to fulfill the services. Once the service is fulfilled or the product is delivered, the payment is executed.

A manual upload facility for invoices is available as an option; however, the vast majority of suppliers opt to submit their invoices for payment directly into Rossum via email. Rossum comes in to analyze the invoice and extract the data, which is then ingested into SprintSuite, where the data matching is performed.

The throughput is fully automated. If the invalid invoice is sent in, the automated auto rejection in place won’t allow the action to pass through. Within the data matching scope, the data extracted from the invoice is compared to SprintSuite’s database containing the original purchase order and flags any inconsistencies. 

The impact

SprintSuite is commercializing its product, and with the rapid YoY growth the company is going through, it’s hard to underestimate the importance of scalability and versatility. Growing client base, in turn, means rapid growth in the number of suppliers and business partners and the variety of the documents and layouts being used.

By bringing Rossum in, the team at SprintSuite was able to increase its automation rates and handle a lot more volumes and data at once without having to scale the support and maintenance efforts going into it. With the overall volume of processed documents going up, marginal costs are going down, ultimately increasing business profitability for a customer.

Finally, the team alleviated an equivalent of 6,000 man-hours previously spent on tedious tasks such as manual data entry each year. The addition of Rossum AI to SprintSuite’s own software created a user-friendly platform that doesn’t require an extensive ramp-up and instead offers a much more accessible solution. “Anyone can leverage Rossum to reduce administrative burden and take away manual labor. It served as a springboard for us to look more innovatively towards the future instead of giving people more boring work.” – says Stefan Goldman, Product Manager at SprintSuite. 

“Rossum is a tangible example of how SprintSuite can serve as an expert in innovation and solidify its position at the forefront of the technology we can provide to our customers.”

Stefan Goldman, Product Manager at SprintSuite

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