Senior Python Developer

We use state-of-art AI plus intuitive UI to eliminate useless paperwork and make the whole world go faster. Each company wants to customize and integrate Rossum in their workflow, which means seamless product adoption has a significant impact on the value we provide as a whole.

In practice this often means development of custom services that extend the product capabilities beyond the out-of-the-box features, and creating integrations to many different systems that our customers use.

Your mission is to be the cutting edge of our technological abilities, which involves suggesting new design patterns, experimenting with new tech and implementing innovative solutions.

The other half of this job is about enabling your colleague programmers by sharing your expertise through code-reviews, pair-programming sessions, design sessions and beyond.

Our Tech Stack

Rossum is a Python company (not uncommon for an AI startup). We use Python to train our AI models, actual data processing, and all back-end APIs. However, in Global Services we have many smaller code bases, so we are in the best position to experiment with different tech. Still, these are our common choices:

  • Most of our services are written in Flask or Django.
  • We have few projects in Javascript too
  • We use PostgreSQL as our database of choice. 
  • All our services are deployed in Kubernetes clusters, currently in AWS. (But we avoid relying on the AWS ecosystem too much.) 
  • Our deployments and releases are 98% based on GitOps, with infrastructure defined as code and managed by GitLab-based CI+CD pipelines.

About you

We are all geeks and hackers who like to engineer beautiful systems, all the way to Rossum’s CEO. You will fit right in if:

  • You enjoy helping to improve the rest of the team’s programming practices – Pair-programmings, sharing your knowledge through code-reviews, exploring new technologies to use in our stack.
  • You can develop small to medium-sized REST services that serve as interfaces between multiple (Rossum’s and Customer’s) systems. These services are usually coded from scratch, and their design needs to be coordinated with the customer’s dev team.
  • Development of Solution Engineering toolkit including various stats generating scripts, command-line tools, implementing different tools to improve the reliability, debuggability, and maintainability of our solutions.
  • You are a Master of Python programming language and its package ecosystem. Deep working knowledge of SQL and database-related technologies. Knowledge of JavaScript is a plus.
  • Some knowledge of tools related to code management & DevOps like Docker, CIs, linters, testing frameworks, etc., is expected.
  • Interest and passion for different design patterns, protocols, algorithms, programming paradigms, and other theoretical domains are a big plus.
  • You have an analytical mindset combined with great communication and writing skills. Excellent English, both spoken and written. 
  • You are honest and bullshit-free. You base your opinions on data, but don’t cling to it in the face of good arguments.

What we offer 

We are building a hyper-growth SaaS startup in Prague.

  • High autonomy, ability to participate in high-impact decisions.
  • We’ll do the best we can to make sure you can grow and that you always have the opportunity to find new challenges.
  • An environment where nothing is dogma and the best idea wins.
  • We designed a fair Employee Stock Option Plan.
  • An enjoyable working environment in a very diverse team (21+ nationalities)
  • A laptop of your choice & necessary tech is a given.
  • 5 weeks of vacation, flexible working hours, and home office setup.
  • English language lessons on all levels.
  • Multisport card to get your workout at any of 2 700 places in Czechia.
  • Beautiful office with 200 m2 terrace and a view of the Prague castle in the heart of Karlin.

About Rossum

We are automating document communication. Thousands of lifetimes per day are burned on manually dealing with documents in enterprise back offices. It’s a terrible job, and it makes the whole world go slower. Right now, we already process up to hundreds of documents per minute to save our users 85% of this work, serving some of the world’s best companies. Our mission is to create a world that builds rather than types, as companies that switched from email to Slack and Teams for internal communication next switch to Rossum for their orders and invoices.

We raised money from some of the best VCs in Europe and top American angel investors who backed startups like Airbnb, Revolut, or UiPath before. We are now pre-Series-A in terms of funding and grow 300% a year. (Learn more)