We are hiring for multiple positions

Platform Engineer

Rossum is a rapidly growing AI company that builds smart data capture technology. 

Every day, people throughout the world collectively spend over 100 human lifetimes entering data into business systems – this is absurd as it is avoidable. We are committed to liberating millions of people from the chore of data entry and empowering them to apply their intelligence and talents to more fulfilling, higher-value activities.

Rossum is #1 in its category, and a continuously increasing number of customers rely on our platform on a daily basis. As we grow, we need to upgrade Rossum’s stability, security, performance, and scalability frequently and consistently. To help us meet our development milestones, we are looking for skilled engineers.

We are in a great starting position in this regards, with a GitOps deployment process, extensive GitLab-based CI/CD, and fully software-defined K8s clusters. Now, we are looking for skilled engineers to help us build a proper scale infrastructure on top of this and handle the 10x and 100x increases in load that are coming soon.

This is a full-time position based in Prague.


  • Design, build, and maintain the core Rossum platform infrastructure in a cloud-based environment (AWS, GCP, Kubernetes).
  • Running the basic platform services (logging, monitoring, CI/CD).
  • Support, guide, and actively help other engineering teams overcome their roadblocks when developing and running their Rossum components.
  • Actively seek, test, champion, and deploy new infrastructure technologies


  • A collaborative, agile, and proactive mindset. 
  • Ability to work efficiently and flexibly while focusing on top-priority issues.
  • Experience with cloud architectures and networking (AWS, GCP or Azure).
  • Passion for infrastructure as a code in terms of Kubernetes, Terraform, and CI/CD tools (e.g. GitLab, Jenkins, Argo CD, Flux CD).
  • Coding skills (e.g. shell, Python, Golang) plus working knowledge of git (e.g. shell, Python, Golang)
  • Fluent English, and the ability to clearly communicate your ideas and work together with other teams to devise a common solution.
  • We most value honesty, passion, fast learning and “strong opinions weakly held”. We expect everyone to focus on searching for the truth and to support their conclusions with data and measurements.


  • Energy-charged atmosphere of a tech-first AI startup that has great traction towards global success and is already serving customers across four continents, including Fortune 500 companies. 
  • Fresh technical environment tracking modern trends: Container-based architecture, Kubernetes, CI/CD philosophy, GitOps, Python components.
  • Open-minded SRE culture with focus on best DevOps practices and automation.
  • Enjoyable working environment: A diverse international team of geeks, globetrotters, artists, and health enthusiasts in the heart of Karlin. We offer flexible working hours and highly value independence. Perks like tasty and nutritious snacks and the best coffee and tea in town are a given.

The ability to learn is not only vital to the Rossum platform, it is essential to our business operations. Yes, we require a very particular set of skills, experience, and attributes for each role in our company. But we don’t expect you to have acquired all these over your career; it is your capacity for learning and growing that makes you a dream for people like us. So, if this position feels like a good fit for you, even if you need a bit of time to grow into it, we’d love to speak with you!