DevOps Engineer

We use state-of-art AI and intuitive UI to eliminate useless paperwork and make the whole world go faster. Help us engineer the platform for our SaaS to scale it to terabyte-size datasets, tens of thousands of simultaneous users and reliably serve the biggest enterprises and software vendors in the world.

We are already processing at regular basis hundreds of documents per minute. But this volume grows exponentially and the scope of our product only slightly slower. Our final goal is so far ahead and we won’t hesitate to rewrite everything a couple times more.

Our Tech Stack

Rossum is basically a Python company (not uncommon for an AI startup). We use Python for training our AI models, actual data processing and also for our backend APIs.

  • All our services are deployed in Kubernetes clusters, currently in AWS. (But we avoid relying on the AWS ecosystem too much.)
  • We are gradually chipping away loosely coupled microservices from our core components, picking the cases where it actually improves scaling and reliability.
  • Our deployments and releases are 98% based on GitOps, with infrastructure defined as code and managed by GitLab-based CI+CD pipelines.
  • We heavily depend on AI training automation
  • From being heavy REST API users, we are moving communication of our internal components towards message queues. We most like connecting our services by RabbitMQ or Apache Pulsar.
  • We use PostgreSQL for our primary databases, partitioned to ensure queries are fast enough on our table sizes.
  • Our ML models are built with Keras and Tensorflow, and we like to rely on Kubeflow for most trainings and experiments.
  • Many of our customers are developers themselves. We love designing beautiful (and stable) APIs, and are even happy to host serverless user code as AWS lambda functions.

About you

We are all geeks and hackers who like to engineer beautiful systems, all the way to Rossum’s CEO. You will fit right in if you:

  • Can design, build and maintain the core Rossum platform infrastructure based on the cloud services (AWS, GCP, Azure, or Kubernetes in general).
  • Are experienced with running the basic platform services (logging, monitoring, CI/CD).
  • Can support, guide and actively help other engineering teams to overcome their roadblocks when developing and running their Rossum components.
  • Seek, test and push new infrastructure technologies.
  • Are honest and bullshit-free. You base your opinions on data, but don’t cling on it in the face of good arguments.

What we offer

We are building a hyper-growth SaaS startup following the best Silicon Valley practices, in Prague.

  • We designed our Employee Stock Option Plan as the fairest in Prague.
  • Laptop of your choice & necessary tech is a given.
  • Beautiful office with 200 m2 terrace and a view of the Prague castle in the heart of Karlin.
  • 5 weeks of vacation, flexible working hours and home office setup.
  • Tasty snacks & the best coffee and tea in Prague.
  • English language lessons on all levels.
  • Multisport card to get your workout at any of 2 700 places in Czechia.

About Rossum

We are automating document communication. Thousands of lifetimes per day are burned on manually dealing with documents in enterprise backoffices. It’s a terrible job and it makes the whole world go slower. Right now, we already process up to hundreds of documents per minute to save our users 85% of this work, serving some of the world’s best companies. Our mission is creating a world that builds rather than types, as companies that switched from email to Slack and Teams for internal communication next switch to Rossum for their orders and invoices.

After tripling our revenue in 2020 and securing Eastern Europe’s largest-ever Series A funding of $100M in 2021 , we plan to further expand our market share and invest heavily across our Go-to-market teams & our research and development backbone.