Customer Success Executive (Part-Time)

Rossum is a fast growing Artificial Intelligence company that builds technology for understanding documents. Every single day, more than 100 human lifetimes are spent worldwide retyping information contained in invoices and we think that’s crazy. So we are now working to liberate millions of people from similar boring and repetitive work.

Rossum’s product is number #1 in its category. However, it touches a complex business process and our customers need guidance – both to implement it and to use it long-term at maximum efficiency. The Customer Success Executive’s role is to help Customer Success Managers to make sure each of our customers succeeds at improving their document processing and uses Rossum to its full potential.

About you

The Customer Success Executive will be an addition to Rossum’s internal team of annotators with a focus on helping our prospects and customers manually process their Rossum documents. You will teach Rossum’s AI to read the customers’ documents by manually processing those documents on the customer’s behalf. 

The process works in the following way – customers upload documents to Rossum’s application, documents need to be reviewed and our AI has to get an input on where on the document to find information, e.g. invoice number – this review will be your job. Once you finish reviewing and manually processing the document, the document can be confirmed and you can start on the next one. 

This is an entry level part-time position and it is a great opportunity to be part of a hyper growth start-up. There is a potential to move to a more permanent role within Rossum. 

You will fit right in if you:

  • Speak Czech and English.
  • Chinese, Japanese, Bulgarian, Arabic languages are a plus.
  • Are not afraid of complex business documents and are keen on understanding all the data present there.
  • Are flexible and have a few hours per week.
  • You are ready to meet some of our biggest customers’ end-users in order to understand what they need to have extracted by Rossum. 
  • Suitable for students, mothers on maternity leave, fathers on paternity leave and similar.

You can find out more about the annotations process here:

What we offer 

We are building a hyper-growth SaaS startup following the best Silicon Valley practices in Prague.

  • Enjoyable working environment in the very diverse team (30+ nationalities)
  • Flexible working hours and home office setup.
  • Tasty snacks & the best coffee and tea in Prague.

About Rossum

We are automating document communication. Thousands of lifetimes per day are burned on manually dealing with documents in enterprise back offices. It’s a terrible job, and it makes the whole world go slower. Right now, we already process up to hundreds of documents per minute to save our users 85% of this work, serving some of the world’s best companies. Our mission is to create a world that builds rather than types, as companies that switched from email to Slack and Teams for internal communication next switch to Rossum for their orders and invoices.

We raised money from some of the best VCs in Europe and top American angel investors who backed startups like Airbnb, Revolut, or UiPath before. We are now pre-Series-A in terms of funding and grow 300% a year. (Learn more)