Business Integration Engineer

We are looking for a Business Integration Engineer based out of our Prague office. (Full time)

Rossum is a fast growing Artificial Intelligence company that automates document processing. Every single day, people throughout the world collectively spend over 100 human lifetimes retyping invoice information and we think that’s completely crazy. So we are now working to liberate millions of people from similar tedious data entry chores. We share top-tier startup investors and advisors with companies like Airbnb, Stripe, TransferWise, Pinterest, and Lyft. You can learn more about Rossum on TechCrunch and VentureBeat.

Rossum’s product is number #1 in its category. As a result, our deep tech company is going through a hypergrowth phase, and the business team needs to use deep tech to work with our customers just as well – from marketing to sales to customer success.

The role of the Business Integration Engineer is to take over development of business and data systems directly from Rossum’s founders – be it CRM integrations to track our customer relationships or web miniapps geared towards our prospects – and build the foundation for scaling sales of the fastest growing SaaS in Prague. Just like we follow state-of-art cloud practices in our R&D engineering, we work purely with the most modern cloud services in our business team and you will get to learn them all.

What you will do

You will become our first cloud business ops generalist as you get to work on a rapid series of short projects, learn and touch many systems that make the top world startups tick, and see the results of your work very quickly. You will be splitting your time equally between the following areas:

  • Own the data wrangling infrastructure of Rossum’s business team – You will design and build basic data lake and ETL infrastructure and integrate business systems.
  • Maintain technical configuration and customizations of our business systems You will define custom CRM objects with our RevOps team, maintain our ticketing system setup and script the necessary workflows.
  • Build web micro-applications to interact with our prospects and clients such as an ROI calculator or feature demos.
  • Help hire more teammates as Rossum keeps growing rapidly.

Some companies call this “Systems Integration Specialist”. We are less corporate and more hands-on.

What makes you a great fit

There is probably no person in the world to know it all about the space we are in. That’s why we are looking for a way of thinking first, expertise second.

  • Have a mindset of an engineer and at least basic SQL and JavaScript or Python experience to be able to dig out insights from our big data and to qualify as a skilled Rossum integrator.
  • Curious about business, marketing and sales and a desire to develop something big.
  • Fluent in English and communicative to fulfill that curiosity.
  • Honest and bullshit-free. We expect everyone to focus on searching for the truth when it matters, and a desire to support their conclusions by data and measurements.
  • Overall a generalist who is able to learn fast and take up any task necessary.

What we offer

  • Energy-charged atmosphere of a tech-first AI startup that has great traction towards global success and is already serving customers across four continents, including Fortune 500 companies. Most of our work is still ahead of us – you will be making a huge difference in our growing team, currently 55-strong and rising.
  • A cutting-edge SaaS metrics-oriented mindset, committed to learning and mastering the latest Sales practices from the top startups.
  • Enjoyable working environment: A diverse international team of geeks, globetrotters, artists, and diet freaks in the heart of Karlin. We offer flexible working hours and highly value independence. Perks like tasty and nutritious snacks and the best coffee and tea in town are a given when the office isn’t in lockdown.