Business Analyst

Rossum is a rapidly growing artificial intelligence company that automates document processing. Every day, people throughout the world collectively spend over 100 human lifetimes retyping invoice information – this is as absurd as it is avoidable. We are committed to liberating millions of people from the chore of data entry and empowering them to apply their intelligence and talents to more fulfilling, higher-value activities.

We share a number of progressive investors and advisors with companies like Airbnb, Stripe, TransferWise, Pinterest, and Lyft.

Rossum Revenue Operations Team

You will be part of the Revenue Operations Team, which drives cross-functional growth across Rossum’s entire business operation. This team is responsible for maintaining complete visibility, measurability, and control over the variables that affect our business. It Promotes and rolls out best-in-class business practices, and increases productivity.

What will you do?

You will be working closely with the Sales Team, where you will focus on building and maintaining momentum, leading change management, and promoting accountability and adoption of standardized processes. Your main goal is to make data-driven decisions which you will support with clear business processes and solid data management. 

As a Business Analyst, you will work mainly with Hubspot and SalesForce CRMs to execute the following tasks: 

  • Market analysis of potential customers
  • Support the Sales Team and management as they handle inquiries
  • Create and maintain data pipelines
  • Reporting and Analyses 
    • Operational dashboards
    • Statistical dashboards
    • Conduct all analysis required to support day-to-day business decisions

Advanced analytics will be prepared in more robust tools with the help of a database environment. This is currently not in place; therefore, you have an opportunity to participate in building such a system. 

What makes you a great fit?

  • Hands-on experience with a BI platform (Power BI, Mode Analytics, Looker, Tableau)
  • Previous experience with Salesforce administration (if you know Salesforce, Hubspot use will come naturally)
  • Precision and reliability
  • Self-fulfilment of tasks and a proactive attitude
  • Good knowledge of MS Excel
  • Excellent English language level
  • Strategic thinker
  • Data enthusiast
  • Bullshit-free

What do we offer?

  • An energy-charged atmosphere of a tech-first AI startup that has great traction towards global success and is already serving customers across four continents. Most of our work is still ahead of us – you will be making a huge difference in our growing team, currently 55-strong and rising.
  • Support for continuing education in related fields.
  • Enjoyable working environment: A diverse international team of geeks, globetrotters, artists, and health enthusiasts in the heart of Karlin. We offer flexible working hours (possibly fully remote depending on coronavirus lockdown regulations) and highly value independence. Perks like tasty and nutritious snacks and the best coffee and tea in town are a given when the office isn’t in lockdown.

The ability to learn is not only vital to the Rossum platform, but it is also essential to our business operations. Yes, we require a very particular set of skills, experience, and attributes for each role in our company. But we don’t expect you to have acquired all these over your career; it is your capacity for learning and growing that makes you a dream for people like us. So, if this position feels like a good fit for you, even if you need a bit of time to grow into it, we’d love to speak with you!