The Future of Data Capture Systems (2/2): The Rossum Approach

This is the second part of our special founders blog post on data capture technology and how Rossum represents a radically different approach to the whole problem of information extraction from business documents.

Last time we covered the fundamental issues of the traditional OCR systems due to their machine-like approach, in contrast with the magical efficiency of human mind in this task. Now, it’s time to delve into how exactly we replicated the human approach using deep learning, and show that it certainly is delivering as promised. Continue reading


Building Our Own Version of AlphaGo Zero

At Rossum, we are building artificial intelligence for understanding of documents. Our main line of attack lies in supervised machine learning, the most efficient approach to make neural networks achieve the highest accuracy. However, we need very detailed training data in this setup and that’s why are also pursuing less direct approaches, e.g. based on generative-adversarial networks or advanced reinforcement learning.

Petr Baudiš’ Story: From Go to Neural Networks And Unexpected Reunion

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