Extract Data From PDF Using IDP Automation Solution

Extract Data From PDF Using IDP Automation Solution

Organizations around the world use PDFs for invoices, contracts, receipts, forms, and more due to their ability to store large amounts of data in a compact format. However, many professionals struggle to quickly and accurately extract data from PDF files, reducing efficiency and productivity.

Rather than wasting time manually copying and pasting data or tinkering with a template-based OCR (optical character recognition) software to work, instead, you can automate PDF data extraction with intelligent document processing (IDP). This PDF automation solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to accurately capture and process structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

See how IDP technology extracts data from PDFs and how it can save resources, reduce errors, and streamline workflows for your enterprise.  

PDF stands for “Portable Document Format,” which is an open file format that’s used for storing and exchanging electronic documents, such as text, images, graphics, etc. There are many reasons why companies prefer PDF over text file formats like DOC/DOCX:

  • Retain formatting, style, and image information
  • Easy to use and compressible
  • Share and open across networks and devices
  • Password option secures sensitive information
  • Regulation compliance for storing certain types of records

Despite its popularity, organizations still rely on outdated methods for PDF data extraction, like manual processes or OCR software. Fortunately, there’s an automated solution that makes extracting data from PDFs quicker, easier, and more accurate.

Manual and automated data extraction approaches

You can extract data from PDF files using one of two methods: manual extraction or automated extraction. Manual extraction requires you to manually copy and paste each piece of data into another document, which is time-consuming and prone to errors.

Automated extraction uses algorithms to automatically extract data from PDF files. While traditional OCR software has been around for a while, it has limitations with data extraction.

OCR is suitable for standardized documents but gets wonky when there are changes. This requires building or modifying rulesets, so it’s not a fully automated solution.

Furthermore, other potential challenges need to be considered when selecting a data extraction approach, such as:

  • Continuously growing volumes of data
  • Documents with unstructured data
  • Highly variable document formats

Given the limitations of manual extraction and OCR software, organizations need an automation solution that’s not only accurate and efficient but also scalable.

Benefits of extracting PDF data with IDP technology

Since Rossum’s IDP platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, the system is “trained” to recognize patterns in PDF documents and extract key data. Essentially, it reads and understands files much like a human, taking into account context and formatting.

This makes IDP a flexible yet robust solution because it adapts automatically to different document formats and data. Here are the top advantages of using IDP to extract data from PDF files:

1. Increase efficiency

Employees can spend hours searching for information, manually copying information, and validating data. IDP eliminates these time-consuming tasks, saving both money and valuable employee time.

2. Improve accuracy

Manual processes often lead to mistakes due to human error. These mistakes can range from simple typos to missing critical information. IDP improves accuracy by automatically detecting errors and streamlining the validation process.

3. Provide accessibility

Document accessibility encourages cross-functional collaboration between your departments, boosting productivity. Make it easier for your employees to access and share PDFs by using an IDP platform as a central hub.

4. Enhance security

Manual processes lack security measures, which can cause PDF files to be stolen or misplaced. IDP includes advanced encryption technology to ensure confidentiality and integrity.

Advance your data extraction solution

Efficient and accurate data extraction is vital for obtaining valuable information from a variety of PDF files. Manual extraction is time-consuming and risky, while template-based OCR software lacks flexibility. Accelerate productivity while saving time and money by upgrading to intelligent document processing that can handle it all. 

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