AI OCR for any document layout

Employees can do much more for your company when they're not processing documents or creating OCR templates and rules. Rossum helps you capture and export document data more efficiently and cost-effectively than manual and template-based OCR data extraction.

Traditional vs. AI OCR

Process thousands of documents in just minutes while boosting employee productivity and engagement. Unlike traditional document OCR data capture approaches, Rossum requires no specific rules or template setup. It's ready to extract data from a wide variety of document layouts right away.

Rossum works with your employees to automate document processing. Human operators can use the intuitive UI to validate data quickly and easily, increasing the AI's accuracy and ability to understand new layouts. You can also have Rossum automatically export captured data into your business systems.

Traditional OCR

up to 50%

of tasks can be automated

maintained by expensive

~ 60,000 keystrokes per data
entry FTE monthly


up to 98%

of tasks can be automated

maintained by continuously
learning AI

~ 4,500 keystrokes per data
entry FTE monthly


4 key components

Innovative AI engine

Original research-based artificial intelligence extracts the data

Intuitive validation UI

Simplifies and enhances the human verification process

Powerful reporting engine

Measures performance in real time

Superior extension environment

Ensures effective integration and adaptation

Rossum consists of four key components: an innovative AI engine, an intuitive validation UI, a powerful reporting engine, and a best-in-class extension environment.

4 key benefits


Save time and cost

Cloud-based, making it easy to integrate, deploy, and customize


Fast ROI

Browser-based, works out of the box for instant data capture


Free up resources

Achieves 95% accuracy on its own in 30 days


Streamline processes

Works with documents, not forms, to improve operational efficiencies

Using Rossum saves you time and costs, frees up resources, streamlines processes, and delivers fast ROI.

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