Creating a world free of manual data entry

Rossum has the vision to create a world without manual data entry, improving the work life of countless backoffice workers.

Only Rossum offers an end-to-end AI document processing solution that combines the leading cognitive data capture platform with a full suite of integration capabilities. Rossum specifically focuses on ease of deployment in real backoffice processes.

We now automate document-based business communication for companies ranging from progressive accounting software vendors to many Fortune 500 enterprises. We have already saved nearly one billion keystrokes globally.

Our main goal

To improve the work life of all who have to manually type in data

Our best tools

Smart people, progressive investors, and honest company culture

We share investors with these companies:

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  • Tomas Gogar, CEO

    Tomas Gogar


    Tomas loves transforming scientific results into easy-to-use products. In his research he proposed a unique way of employing visual information in the field of text mining.

  • Petr Baudis, Chief AI Architect

    Petr Baudis

    CTO & Chief AI Architect

    Petr was one of the original Git authors; he also built one of the top AI programs for the board game Go. His text-comprehending algorithms rival those of Facebook's neural networks.

  • Tomas Tunys, Chief Scientific Officer

    Tomas Tunys

    Chief Scientific Officer

    Tomas is keen on mathematics and statistics, which drives his passion for a deeper understanding of the underlying principles that make machine learning models work.