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Every company is different, but all speak documents.

Rossum automates document communication between you and your business partners. No matter if they use snail mail or send millions of different PDFs to hundreds of your inboxes.

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All-in-one Document Gateway

The Rossum document gateway helps you to organize and automatically process all your incoming document traffic. Whether you receive invoices, purchase orders, packing lists, claims, any other transactional documents or all of these, Rossum automates your business communication.

Product overview - Rossum

Receive documents from any channel

No matter the file format or communication channel, we reliably and securely deliver the data you need. All required filtering and pre-processing included.

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Receive headers

Understand documents automatically

Automating communication is much more than old school OCR, and we believe that you should not be asked to maintain your own data capture tool ever again. Instead, our industry-leading artificial intelligence simply turns human-readable into machine-readable from day one.

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Headers - understand

Communicate & Act

Send automated confirmations, correction requests or status updates that your business partners require. Add semantics like coding and any matching strategy through in-depth integrations.

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We love working with customers that prefer to build rather than type

"We had a never-ending backlog before we implemented Rossum. Now, we can always complete our work on time."

"When we first started using Rossum’s technology, we couldn’t believe how accurate it was."

“All our invoices are going through Rossum; I can’t imagine our paperless AP process functioning without it.”


We are a company led by engineers and on engineering principles, but out of very human concerns. We hate that thousands of lifetimes per day are burned on manually dealing with documents. It’s a terrible job, and it slows down the whole world.

We built a deep learning technology as an answer. But we realized that the real solution is to let humans and machines work together. We merged the AI engine with the most intuitive UI possible, and Rossum was born.

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